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Cam sex? Who, me

Yes, you. Just admit it. Deep inside, we all have a bit of a peeping tom just waiting to get out. Remember the excitement of trying to figure out what was going on in the girls’ locker room after gymclass? Or how about that hot unattainable girl from across the street, you caught unaware when she was sunbathing topless in her own backyard one day? We love to watch, I guess its in our blood.

The internet is the perfect place to watch people. Sites like YouTube are booming, just because of the basic need to see and be seen. If you combine that need with another primary craving, you quickly come to camsites. This site is created for one simple reason: to be an unofficial guide to the webcam sites out there. Right here is where you’ll find all the info you need to look at beautiful, willing webcam girls in no time.

Oh, and for those of you who still think cybersex is just for sad, lonely computer nerds living in their parents’ basement… Think again! In recent years, with the introduction of broadband internet and the overall availability of cheap, high resolution webcams, everyone has been able to show themselves online.

Not only is web camming exciting, it also offers you a chance to see many different girls at any given time. No need to buy dinner, listen to her go on about whatever and the uncertainty of ‘getting some’. No, on webcam sites you all know why you’re there and the shared purpose only adds to the excitement. I know it sure has for me.

But, it DID take me a while to figure out which camsites were actually scamsites. Its happened a couple of times to me. I was lured to a site with lots of empty promises and ended up with very little to show for it. I won’t be listing any names, I’m too classy for that, the fact I don’t mention them below says enough.

And guys, if you still think it isn’t for you because you already have a girl… Consider this: since you’re not actually touching other people, it really doesn’t count as cheating, now does it? After all, it doesn’t hurt to look ;-)
With the preliminaries out of the way, lets move on to the actual reviews!

My absolute, handsdown favorite !
When I first joined, I simply couldn’t believe all the options! ImLive has a vast array of very versatile women, probably the biggestmost of all the sites I’ve been too. I have found pretty much all the girls to be extremely friendly and cooperative. BTW, their Happy Hours and Celeb videochats are killer


Live Jasmin
The runner up..
Live Jasmin has some very nice girls, again in all shapes and sizes, online at all times. I’ve found them quite willing to indulge me in my fantasies (hey, I have needs too!)
Looking For Someone New
A simple name for a site that claims its been offering ‘the ultimate in live video chat since 1999’. Well, its certainly good, but by no means not the ultimate site. Still I sure had fun here :)


Look for a real Sex Partner !
I put this site up here, because they have nearly 8 million verified women that you can actually videochat and hookup with ! Definately worth checking out !

  Some closing thoughts:

No matter which site you join, you’ll find nice girls for chat and cam and more. And for the record: I am in no way connected to or hired by these sites for any paid endorsement deal whatsoever (I wish!) All I want is to give open, honest and above all reliable reviews of the various webcam sites out there. If you follow the advice on this site as a guideline, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Enjoy!

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